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Latest from the Blog

DAY 39

Be Tough I told you not to abuse me but you said I have to be tough. How tough you want me to be? Tough enough to hear that you think I’d rather be dead? I am not tough. I can be wounded and from that wound, I learn that I must never say the…

DAY 38

CW: Description of child abuse. You said that the only thing that matters is your anger, That I should not be sad, but you shout so loud that my ears were incapable to decipher your anger into words. You frightened me down to my particles, How dare you said that I should not cry? My…

DAY 37

CW: Description of abuse, child abuse When I hit puberty, warden said that she would only buy a bra if I give her evidence that I do need a bra. This obviously involves being topless in front of her. I did not want to but I had to because otherwise, she would not get me…

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