DAY 11

Teachers liked me, maybe not all of them but surely there were few in elementary school. They all agreed that I was a loner and have no friends. I was a loner back in school. I had lunch in the corner and never really socialized. Teachers asked Mrs. Warden why I never really made friends and Mrs. Warden would ask me. My grades were attached in the green file. Mrs. Warden would receive the file and bring it home. She would sign the papers inside it. My grades were great, but that never left Mrs. Warden happy. She would complain that she needs to sign them when my biological father could have sign them. I asked why she signed them, and she said it is because I am not her daughter. I do not recall when the first time I know I am not her daughter. I am aware of this for as long as I remember.

During parent-teacher conferences, I would be left alone in the car. I would wait alone in anxiety and anticipation. She would come back and told me that the teachers felt bad about me that is why my grades. Years later, I learned that teachers are not allowed to fake grades. I deserved my grades and they were not faked.

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